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Going through bereavement is emotional and tough.  

We understand that and are here to help.    

Contact our professional Wills & Probate team for expert advice.   

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We can act as your professional executors leaving your loved ones to come to terms with their loss or alternatively act side by side with family executors to ensure that your estate or the estate of a loved one is correctly and properly administered leaving you happy in the knowledge that your loved ones are cared for. 
We will guide you through what can be a difficult and emotional time.  

Experience. Respect. Results.

We offer expert legal advice tailored to your unique needs and your family circumstances.

Our expert Wills & Probate lawyers will offer practical assistance on all issues relating to Wills and Probate.
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Being named as an executor/ executrix of a Will means you are to act for the deceased and you are responsible for executing the provisions set forth in the Will. You are legally responsible for dealing with the deceased’s estate (i.e. their assets and liabilities) and carrying out the wishes detailed in the Will.


The process is complex, complete with its own jargon. If you make a mistake, you could end up owing money yourself, personally. It is therefore important to act carefully and keep detailed accounts of your movements.

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Verified Client Feedback: 

Great experience from start to finish

Having never worked or been a client of a law firm before, Penn Chambers and specifically my lawyer Emma Aslett were a pleasure to deal with.

Walking me through each stage of the process, making it clear the responsibilities on me to complete and advising when unsure or I did something wrong - it was all quite seamless and easy to manage against my busy career and personal life.

Communication by both Emma and her assistant Phoebe was frequent, keeping me up to date and arranging meetings as necessary around my availability.

Additionally the manner in which they chose to educate me on the subject matter we were discussing also enabled me to walk away with a far sufficient understanding so that I can enable those around me to be more aware and ideally get their affairs in order.

Wouldn't hesitate to use them and Emma specifically again.

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